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10 Dimensions of Spirituality-From Angst to Joy

Spiritual mentors and philosophers of all ages have counseled their followers to “know yourself.” Aristotle wrote, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

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Author Introduction

While teaching courses and workshops on spiritual assessment, the author learned that even religious people often have a hard time describing their soul story. Before writing a prescription, a doctor must assess the vital signs like blood pressure and body temperature. Before any of us offer spiritual support, we must take the spiritual temperature. This book provides a holistic approach with real-life stories that illustrate the multiple dimensions of a person’s spirituality. After 30 years of pastoral care, the Rev. Dr. Dale Alan Young now offers training to volunteer disaster chaplains as well as facilitators of grief support groups. He is passionate about helping people unlock the mysteries of their spiritual story and engage their inner resources to move from angst to joy.

The Spiritual Temperature Companion Workbook


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A Personal Transformation Journey into 10 Dimensions of Spirituality
Dr. Dale Alan Young

Are you ready to take a more in-depth spiritual plunge? Discover insights into your spiritual self. Observe how emotions relate to your spirituality. Explore faith and spirituality outside the confines of traditional religion. Be empowered to claim your spiritual story. Expand your understanding of the soul by journeying into Ten Dimensions of Spirituality to gain valuable insights that lead toward personal transformation and growth.

The Spiritual Temperature Companion Workbook offers the opportunity to do devotional journaling, self-reflection, and self-assessment in each of the ten spiritual dimensions, including:

  • Life Meaning and Purpose
  • Life Story
  • Family Relationships
  • Social Situation
  • Justice
  • Sexuality
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Intimacy in Community
  • Relationship with God

The Companion Workbook includes prompts on facilitating a spiritual support group. It also serves the individual on a spiritual journey. The prompts, discussion questions, tables, and diagrams will guide the participant to insights and self-awareness, leading to living a better version of yourself.

How to Take Your Spiritual Temperature


Want keys to unlock the mysteries of your spiritual story? Explore 10 dimensions of spirituality as you move from angst to bliss.
When we face a life crisis or painful loss, we may ask, “Why me?” When we suffer stress and anxiety, we often question our life meaning and purpose. We may be flooded with distressing feelings that lead to confusion and desperation. We may struggle to understand these intense emotions. Chronic stress weakens our defenses and may lead to a health crisis. If we cannot name the pain, how can we create a road map that leads us to happiness?
“How to take your spiritual temperature” takes you through real-life stories that unpack the emotional and spiritual dynamics in ten areas of life. You will discover that spirituality is not just about “me and God” but flows through all dimensions of the human experience. An easy self-assessment tool will empower you to identify the spiritual dynamics in your life story. A ten-dimensional chart helps you identify the strengths of your spiritual profile and invites you to focus on the areas that will lead you back to joy.

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