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By Daleyoung | June 1, 2024

Consolando a los que estan en duelo

By Daleyoung | June 1, 2024

Comforting Those Who Mourn

By Daleyoung | June 1, 2024

Global Stories from the Strange Land of Grief Now available on, also in Spanish

Navigating an emotional minefield on Mother’s Day

By Daleyoung | May 12, 2023

While the world celebrates Mother’s Day, grieving daughters may experience a flood of emotions. Mother’s Day may trigger painful memories, especially if you felt close to your mother or if her death was recent. Daughters may feel an overwhelming sadness as Mother’s Day reminds them of their loss.  Depending on the circumstances of the death…

How I wish you were either hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm…

By Daleyoung | March 27, 2021

It is mass shooting season in the United States again, and we watch politicians twist themselves into pretzels trying to justify their lukewarm positions on background checks before a gun purchase. It’s the same old song after every school shooting, supermarket or mall shooting; “Guns don’t kill; people do.” Tell that to the loved ones…

Not religious, but spiritual?

By Daleyoung | January 9, 2021

Two thousand years of Religious doctrine that judges and condemns people to hell may have pushed people away from religion. A consequence is that they also turn away from spirituality, perhaps thinking it’s the same thing. Many people say, “I’m spiritual, but not religious.”  Many others simply ignore everything related to spiritual or religious conversations. …

Miami Book Fair

By Daleyoung | November 9, 2020

The Miami Book Fair 2020 will be virtual, starting November 14 Look for my video at Pick up a copy of the book at Books & Books Pinecrest 11297 South Dixie Highway, Pinecrest, FL 33156


By Daleyoung | November 3, 2020

A companion workbook is soon to be published. How to Take Your Spiritual Temperature is the textbook. The workbook is designed to go deep into the process of exploring the 10 Dimensions of Spirituality. It will be a great resource for spiritual support groups, training of spiritual leaders as well as a guide for individual…

Dying Alone During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Daleyoung | August 15, 2020

We have a friend from France who came to visit Florida just before the international flights from Europe were shut down because of the Coronavirus. While here, her sister in France fell ill from COVID-19. Our friend longed to return to France to be with her sister before she died. Her sister had no other…

My Essay Won First Prize on the South Florida Writer’s Contest

By Daleyoung | July 14, 2020

I submitted my article on the pandemic to the South Florida Writer’s Association June Writers Contest. The essay is titled: The Pandemic has opened the curtain. I am delighted to announce that it won first prize. If you haven’t already seen it, here is the winning essay.  Read the essay here