When it all began…

While browsing through my travel journals, I came upon a poem that I had written in my 26th year of life, the year I awakened to my soul journey. The book that I am about to publish: How To Take Your Spiritual Temperature, 10 Dimensions of Spirituality; from angst to joy, truly had it’s beginnings that year. In a period of nine months, I had traveled from Wisconsin to Ecuador. That adventure travel experience launched in me a spiritual transformation. That year marked a calling to explore the multi-dimensional landscape of the soul. I’m not a poet, but many of my journal entries were written in poetic form.

Reflections of the past

A dream unfolds

Like the horizon rising.

I re-discovered the terrain,

Lonely pathways,

Familiar scenes,

De ja vu or illusion?

Emotions remembered;

Rendezvous with pain.

I walked into the present

Searching for what remains


I plunge into it.

Lukewarm will not suffice.

My soul-voice says


Who you are to become.

As the publishing due date approaches, I am getting excited to share the book announcement, coming soon. To get the news first please sign in to my author blog. Did I say blog? Yes, I hope to stay in touch with readers through a blog, already created. It will be interactive, so I welcome your comments. Take a look at the author blog.    www.soulrefresh.org