Eternity Smiled

On the journey to recover my soul, I took notes. Sometimes I wrote in a travel journal while other times I felt the urge to write in poetry. Some poems were serious while others were light and playful, like the one that follows.

Eternity came and knocked

On my door one night

I thought I was too busy

To let her in.

She persisted.

I answered reluctantly.

I opened the door but a crack.

Eternity said, “You are living

In a box, keeping yourself

Preserved like ice cream

In the freezer.”

She said I was caught in a polemic

That already wasn’t,

In a time too within.

I asked, “Who are you to unlock

The puzzle of a struggle

That never was?”

She said she had come once before

To talk when the boy in me

Let her in.

“Yes, I remember now,” I said,

“You stole my shadow and put my reflection

into the future of me,

and I walked into it.”

Eternity smiled.

I remembered her freedom.

“May I enter now?” she asked sincerely,

“Your future slipped into your shadow.

Your transcendence fell polemical.”

“You have come to judge,” I replied.

She explained, “If I enter, you will know

That what you resist is already wind,

And what you know is passing.”

“Who are you?” I asked, “To come and

steal away my time? Without time, I’d have

to drop the hurts that make me real.

Without time, I’d have to seek a breath

Of eternity.”

Before she could answer, I shut the door.

Whew! I almost burned the toast.


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