Will the Millennial and Z Generations save the planet?

By Daleyoung | June 23, 2019

I walked by a book display table that featured “body-mind” books. I instantly reacted with a question, “Where’s the “spirit?” In my work, we always talk about “body-mind-spirit” as the “trinity” of holistic health. We have seen years of scientific research that makes the connection between mental health, spirituality and physical health. It occurred to…

Kafka’s angst inspired his writing

By Daleyoung | June 9, 2019

While visiting the Kafka Museum in Prague, I learned that Franz Kafka’s relationship with his father was characterized by fear and oppression, beginning with his experience as a boy when his tyrant father once put him outside in the cold where he almost froze to death. His writings reflect the depression and angst that he…

A Season for Redefining Life Meaning

By Daleyoung | May 22, 2019

Rain spattering against the window announces a good day to stay inside and write. It is the season for rain and new growth. Flowers are blooming, new leaves burst forth in soft shades of green. The creation is renewing itself and beckons me to reflect on my season of renewal. There are seasons in life…

Heroes in the midst of unspeakable pain

By Daleyoung | May 12, 2019

What do Riley Howell, Kendrick Castillo, Joshua Jones, and Brendan Bialy have in common?  They all lunged at school shooters, saving the lives of countless colleagues. Riley Howell and Kendrick Castillo sacrificed their lives to save their classmates. Their spontaneous actions of bravery illustrate the highest values of the human spirit.  Riley Howell, an R.O.T.C…

Eternity Smiled

By Daleyoung | May 7, 2019

On the journey to recover my soul, I took notes. Sometimes I wrote in a travel journal while other times I felt the urge to write in poetry. Some poems were serious while others were light and playful, like the one that follows. Eternity came and knocked On my door one night I thought I…

On Kindle, the book is available.

By Daleyoung | May 2, 2019

If you can’t wait for the paperback, you can start reading now on Kindle. Go to Category: books. And type in: How to Take your Spiritual Temperature.

When it all began…

By Daleyoung | April 9, 2019

While browsing through my travel journals, I came upon a poem that I had written in my 26th year of life, the year I awakened to my soul journey. The book that I am about to publish: How To Take Your Spiritual Temperature, 10 Dimensions of Spirituality; from angst to joy, truly had it’s beginnings…

Uniquely productize next-generation opportunities

By Daleyoung | August 7, 2015

Appropriately pontificate synergistic para digms whereas 24/7 “outside the box”. Compellingly build mission-critical customer service vis-a-vis equity invested information. Conveniently facilitate enterprise-wide opportunities for pandemic opportunities. Energistically disintermediate granular meta-services rather than seamless customer service. Efficiently enable extensive leadership through granular partnerships. Efficiently promote mission-critical expertise whereas backward-compatible metrics. Competently reinvent installed base action items…

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By Daleyoung | December 8, 2013

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