A Season for Redefining Life Meaning

Rain spattering against the window announces a good day to stay inside and write. It is the season for rain and new growth. Flowers are blooming, new leaves burst forth in soft shades of green. The creation is renewing itself and beckons me to reflect on my season of renewal.

There are seasons in life when we coast along on the inertia of former dreams. In those times we question little and enjoy the ride. Then there are seasons when we question everything: the past dreams seem empty and the hopes that motivated us no longer inspire. Sometimes our season changes abruptly due to an unexpected loss or traumatic event that provokes a profound re-thinking of everything we held to be true. We may suddenly find ourselves in a season of confusion when we feel like we have lost our direction and purpose. We may feel like a ship without a rudder, blown about by unforeseen winds.

The Roman Philosopher, Marcus Annaeus Seneca is quoted as saying, “Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.”

When we find ourselves drifting aimlessly, it is time to reset the course. That task may require a re-assessment of our Life Meaning and Purpose. Goals and passions that motivated us twenty years ago may have lost their meaning. It is a new season and the steppingstones that guided us in former seasons may no longer be helpful. A new season requires a new map.

Redefining Life Meaning and Purpose is one of the dimensions of spirituality discussed in my recently published book, “How to take your Spiritual Temperature; 10 Dimensions of Spirituality—from Angst to Joy.”  It is my hope that the stories and exercises in the book will be a resource for you in this season of your life.